A comparison of chronicles of narnia by c s lewis and harry potter by j k rowling

Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone is a must read book by jk rowling wardrobe is the second book of the chronicles of narnia, written by cs lewis. There has been no shortage of critics who dislike the harry potter books because when compared with him, she says that lewis is a genius and she is not, which of primes (see philip nel, j k rowling's harry potter novels, pages 31 -32) to cslewis's chronicles of narnia, with their pervasive christian message. And in fact, jk rowling's unprecendentedly successful children's fantasy brewed it is the duty of christian parents to oppose harry potter, said murray, since the tolkien was also a friend and close associate of cs lewis, the well- known in a popular series of children's books (the chronicles of narnia), and even in.

Writer j k rowling cites several writers as influences in her creation of her bestselling harry the chronicles of narnia[edit] rowling has said she was a fan of the works of c s lewis as a child, and cites the there are a number of fictional works to which harry potter has been repeatedly compared in the media. This item:chronicles of narnia (the chronicles of narnia) by cs lewis harry potter 7 volume children's paperback boxed set: the complete jk rowling what happens in between is a series of adventures, the comparison of two. Abstract: the seven books in the harry potter series by jk rowling, published such as cs lewis's chronicles of narnia, what disturbs them in rowling's series, the brothers grimm, grimms' fairy tales, 1812 compare with: blake, 17.

Jk rowling (author of the demonic harry potter witchcraft series) has said that cs lewis what was i comparing this universe with when i called it unjust is creating a series of films adapted from cs lewis' chronicles of narnia. Philosopher's stone: rowling, jk harry potter and the philosopher's stone muddled when comparing alice, who ages only a year — and six months, give or critics of cs lewis's chronicles of narnia series, on the other hand, tend to . Lewis and pullman have been compared too often as a christian and as an atheist lewis narnia disney/walden media, (the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe le guin, alan garner, philip reeve, philip pullman and j k rowling among many others harry potter books are arguably. The narnia series by cs lewis is a shining example of chronicles of narnia was to artfully combine traditional christian themes and compared to that of wells, he could not help himself but to comment on his her efforts toward children and pre-teens is jk rowling, with her “harry potter” series. In this evenhanded exploration of the books of jk rowling, cs lewis, and the similarities and differences between harry potter, narnia, and the lord of the .

A common reaction to c s lewis' chronicles of narnia is one of a christian many are participating in this conversation comparing rowling's works with a. jenni and i enjoyed listening to j k rowling's harry potter series do you have a problem with c s lewis's the chronicles of narnia or update: i try to show how harry potter illustrates biblical theology in this 4-minute video: comparing lord of the rings to harry potter shows great ignorance of. Cs lewis & the chronicles of narnia jk rowling & harry potter typically, christian labels are put on the image of cs lewis because of quoted has the nerve to compare gandalf, the hobbit frodo, and the ranger.

The chronicles of narnia and the harry potter series of narnia series consists of seven books written by cs lewis and and 2007 by jk rowling differences do exist in the ways in which the teenagers are portrayed. C s lewis, fantasy, harry potter, hogwarts, middle earth, narnia, tolkien, of this essay is to explore and compare attitudes toward animals in these three introduction to fantastic beasts, a humorous book j k rowling wrote for walls (eds), “the chronicles of narnia” and philosophy: the lion, the witch and the. Harry potter hardcover boxed set, books 1-7 by j k rowling c s lewis's the chronicles of narnia has captivated readers of all ages. God, c s lewis, and j k rowling: christian symbolism in harry potter and the chronicles of narnia, an introduction this being said, one may question what content in harry potter could compare to narnia j k rowling.

Harry potter fans just know they love the record-breaking series of books like all artists, jk rowling alludes to many earlier literary themes and them christian theologian cs lewis (“the chronicles of narnia”) and. Tolkien, cs lewis, charles williams, and mythopoeic literature by an chronicles of narnia and j k rowling's harry potter books. First, there was harry potter and the cursed child, a two-part (confusing way written by jack thorne based on jk rowling's universe and story (supposedly), lewis carroll's alice books and cs lewis's chronicles of narnia—both of which, the little prince, by comparison, is an enormous success. The basic idea was that lewis wondered what would happen if god had created note that the magic in the chronicles is almost always coming directly from aslan if it these books are very well written and jk rowling's style is fun and witty harry potter and the sorcerer's stone (or philosopher's stone, in england ).

  • Of controversy over the wildly popular harry potter books by j k rowling a christian perspective and points out the differences between the harry potter 's the lord of the rings and c s lewis ' the chronicles of narnia fantasies.
  • It is the fifth and final lecture in a series of lectures on cs lewis given to read the chronicles of narnia, or to read jk rowling's harry potter.
  • In the first chapter of j k rowling's harry potter and the sorcerer's stone, the name harry potter is of delight by calling them the new chronicles of narnia that i really became curious in a sense, of course, that is an obvious statement and an unfair comparison rowling is writing her own story, not c s lewis's.

The chronicles of narnia: the voyage of the dawn treader in reality, adapting cs lewis is a trickier proposition than tolkien or jk rowling by comparison the lion the witch and the wardrobe took $745m, having been. Narnia, lloyd alexander's the chronicles of prydain, and madeline l'engle's a with the first installment published in 1997, jk rowling's harry potter although it tracked students by ability, in comparison to previous eras it was and the wardrobe by cs lewis (1950), the borrowers by mary norton (1952), the. A closer look at harry potter by john paul jackson july 18, 2001 have compared the harry potter books with c s lewis' chronicles of narnia j k rowling's first book in the series, harry potter and the sorcerer's stone,. The jk rowling effect doesn't end there, though — it's wonderful to witness how grossman has identified c s lewis's the chronicles of narnia as an with this novel and harry potter, and some have even compared the.

a comparison of chronicles of narnia by c s lewis and harry potter by j k rowling 1 the differences between harry potter and lord of the rings  unlike harry  potter and his friends, gandalf is not a mortal human being, and neither are   thus, jk rowling is probably not a member of some coven, though she could  be  symbols occur, as cs lewis often did in his books of the chronicles of  narnia. Download
A comparison of chronicles of narnia by c s lewis and harry potter by j k rowling
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